Hi! My name is Juro Kokoška.

I am a programmer from Slovakia. On this web site I will publish some of my projects created after my regular work. They was created for my usage, for my kids or just for fun.

Mostly I am programming in Java (PC or Android). Web projects are HTML and CSS plus Javascript or PHP.


Scrabble calculator - It helps with calculating score when you are plaiyng Scabble. Just drag & drop letters as they are on your board.

For max. 4 players and for Slovak, English and German letter distributions. If you want some other language just write me or add comment.

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TV and movie player for any Enigma 2 satellite receiver (tested on my VU+ Duo every day for some years). It uses VLC player for showing video. If you use 64b Java version then you need also 64b VLC version.

- time-shift
- full screen mode
- remote control (web interface on port 8888 on player computer)
- timers
- recordings
- two subtitles

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